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The Leadership Expedition

For those who have had some opportunities to experience and practice leadership but are ready to take it to the next level, get ready! This course is designed to allow students to explore what becoming a leader looks like in many different settings.

The Leadership Expedition will take place in the southern Yosemite region of the Sierra Nevada. Students will experience the beauty and the challenge that the mountains provide. Surrounded by Ponderosa pines, granite cliffs, and alpine lakes, instructors will lead students through a graduated process of wilderness experiences.

This course puts an equal emphasis on the student’s spiritual formation and leadership skill development. Upon completion of this course, the student will gain confidence in a group of his or her peers. Each student will be provided with the opportunity to lead the group. Students will also demonstrate their comprehension of the curriculum as they practice backpacking, camping, cooking, climbing, and rappelling skills.

Course Elements

  • Spiritual formation
  • Leadership exploration & development
  • Backcountry travel
  • Rock climbing & rappelling
  • Daily devotionals
  • Solo time
  • Discussion & dialogue


Days: 1-2

Students arrive in Bass Lake, where they are issued gear and given introductions.

Days 3-7: Wilderness Travel

The next phase will prepare individuals for wilderness travel. Groups will typically travel three to eight miles per day gaining skills and learning techniques along the way. Students will receive a “mid-course check-in and evaluation.” At this point in the course, students may help lead “Focus” times and lead in other capacities.

Days 8-9: Solo Time

Students will spend 36-hours on their own in a time for personal reflection, contemplative prayer and journaling to take advantage of the solitude the wilderness provides. Often, we provide the students with simple prompts to guide them, especially if this is their first time experiencing solitude.

Days 9-11: Leadership by Example

Students will work with instructors to plan and implement a three-day independent travel section; their itinerary will vary depending on the skills and techniques they have gained so far.

Days 12-13: Rock Days

Students will have the opportunity to push a little farther outside of their comfort zones by attempting to scale some of the Sierra’s fine granite at our climbing and rappelling sites.

Day 14: Home

Students will return to Bass Lake where they will de-issue their gear, shower, and enjoy a hearty meal before departing for home



The Leadership Expedition Interest Form

For more information, give us a call at (559) 642-3899. If you need client references, we’d be happy to provide them.
It takes a minimum of 5 participants to run this course.
If you have less than 5 in your group and you are flexible, we can pair you up with others to meet the 5 person minumum.
Provide as many as possible.