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Men’s Life Renewal Adventure

Renewal is the antidote to boredom, complacency, monotony, and uncertainty. Renewal is also the crucial first step in preparing for change and the future. Renewal takes effort and forces us out of our comfort zones. To those in the middle years of life, renewal is crucial to ensure the following years are vibrant, life-giving, and filled with purposes that closely follow Jesus Christ.

We propose TWO TRIPS: A progression of experiences and reflections that engage the mind, challenge the body, push perceived limits, and follow the lead of our Lord and Savior. The first trip is designed to introduce, prepare, and challenge you to reflect and renew. The second builds upon the first in a more demanding learning environment. Although you don’t need to do both, the following sequence is a highly recommended approach to helping navigate the years to follow.

Trip One: The High Sierra

For seven days you travel through some of the world’s most spectacular scenery with fellow sojourners. Cook, hike, explore, and ultimately soak in the vast beauty of California’s high mountains. There is far more than just beauty here though. The quiet reflections of the alpine world blend perfectly with the inherent physical and emotional challenges to form a great catalyst for renewal.

Trip Two: Ecuador

Now we up the commitment a bit, traveling to South America for 10 days of service and adventure. Cross-cultural settings are very demanding emotionally and we will take advantage of this to help participants continue to explore what renewal really means in their lives.

Nearly everything in Ecuador is more challenging than what most of us are used to: poverty, societal issues, the mountains, interpersonal communication, etc. In other words, this is an awesome opportunity for reflection on our lives and purposes as Christians stewarding our time, talents, resources, and experiences.

In contrast to the High Sierra trip, we will stay in lodging reserved for just our group, cook our own meals, and travel around Quito using primarily public transportation. This segment of the program will involve acclimatization hikes culminating in a summit attempt of a glaciated volcano such as Cayambe or Cotopaxi. Click here for details of the Ecuador portion of the program.

Course Elements

  • Backpacking
  • Rock climbing & rappelling
  • Peak climbing
  • Cross country travel
  • Solitude & contemplation
  • Peer discussion

High Sierra Gallery

Itinerary: High Sierra Segment

Day 1

Arrive at Summit Adventure’s basecamp, pack-up, depart for the trailhead, hike to campsite. After dinner is a facilitated discussion on goals and purposes of renewal, life stories, etc.

Days 2-5

Backpack to lakefront campsites that require 3-5 miles per day. Lakes could include Cora, Lady, Burro, and Rutherford. Each day begins with a devotional reflection time. Depending upon schedule and conditions, we will also attempt to climb Madera Peak and complete a 12-24 hour solo.

Day 6

Morning devotional and hike to our final camp for a night of celebration and re-commitment.

Day 7

Hike out, de-issue, leave after lunch.

Preparation for the Trip

Contemplation, reflection, and prayer are crucial to renewal and spiritual growth. Our seven days in the wilderness will be greatly enhanced by preparation before we get to the trail. There are two excellent resources to help us do this.

  • Surrender to Love by David Benner
  • Love: A Guide for Prayer by Jacqueline Syrup Bergan and S. Marie Scwann

Begin with Benner and make sure to read thoughtfully and reflectively. As you work through Surrender to Love, begin to add Love: A Guide for Prayer, based upon the 16th century spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius. You will enter into the very rich history of spiritual growth and renewal that many have found with this approach.

Once on the trail, we will focus heavily on the prayer guide. The exercises, prayers, and reflections lend themselves perfectly to a pristine, quiet, and staggeringly beautiful environment far removed from our everyday busy lives. Benner’s book provides the framework, Bergan and Schwann the approach to encountering God in perhaps a fresh new way. Plan on showing up for the course with Benner fully read and the prayer guide at least a little tested.

Pricing: High Sierra Segment

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