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Mount Rainier Climb – July 21-25, 2019

People come from all over the world to experience the crown jewel of the Cascade Mountain Range. Mt. Rainier is the most glaciated peak in the contiguous United States, and climbing it requires teamwork, perseverance, and appropriate weather.

With its icy blue crevasses, wind-sculpted snow structures, and ancient flowing glaciers, this course will take you into the seldomly-traveled terrain of the highest point in the Pacific Northwest. You will experience the spiritual benefits of physically and mentally challenging yourself in God’s creation. You will see how God uses the wilderness and mountains to speak. Join us for this classic Pacific Northwest mountaineering adventure!

Course Elements

  • Glacier travel
  • Self-belay with ice axe
  • Personal snow anchors
  • Cooking at altitude
  • Setting up basecamp



Day 1

Leave Whiteriver Campground and backpack to Glacier Basin where the group will set up camp. This day consists of backpacking through forests and along a stream to the toe of the Interglacier.

Day 2

Leave Glacier Basin and travel to Camp Schurman. This day consists of moderate snow/ glacial travel. Depending on conditions, the group will learn about snow travel and how to use crampons.

Day 3

Snow School at Camp Schurman. This day participants will be introduced to an array of skills necessary for safe travel up and down the Emmons Glacier. Get in bed early.

Day 4

Wake up around 12AM; summit attempt of Mt. Rainier.

Day 5

Leave from Camp Schurman and head down to Whiteriver Campground. Group leaves in the afternoon.


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