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Las Pelotas (June 26)


This is the most secluded of all our rock sites, located off of Beasore Rd. at the edge of the Ansel Adams Wilderness. Up at around 8,000ft, students will get the change to do some climbing up in the mountains, with some incredible views.


8am: Parents will drop off youth at Summit Adventure, located on Bass Lake. After everyone has arrived we will do some brief introductions, distribute gear and head up Beasore Rd. to Las Pelotas.

10-12pm: Lunch and introduction to climbing fundamentals, support school (learning how to belay), rock site safety, gear etc. If we have participants who already received the introductions on a previous day, we will split up into two groups.

1-5pm: Climbing! Participants will get to try their hand at a number of different routes. This rock site is located high in the mountains, so you are sure to have some beautiful mountain views.

6:30pm: Parents will pick up youth at Summit Adventure