COVID-19 Updates

Our first priority is the health and safety of our community, students and staff. We are closely monitoring the situation, and will continue to assess and alter our operations in accordance with what is best for our staff and students.

Currently, we are still planning on running courses this summer! If any program can practice social distancing, proper hygiene, and safe, effective risk management, it would be a wilderness program like Summit Adventure. That said, we are not taking COVID19 lightly. We will be refining various program components to help ensure everyone’s safety. This will include:

1.) A thorough vetting of participants’ medical history prior to arrival on course.
2.) All program staff and participants will be checked for a fever before the course begins. Anyone with a fever will not be allowed to participate. If other symptoms of the virus appear (including a fever while on course), those participants will not be allowed to complete the course.
3.) Everyone will be required to bring hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes and strongly encouraged, or mandated, to use these on a daily, regular basis, especially when cooking, cleaning, and as always, when using the bathroom.
4.) Non-family participants and staff will adhere to the 6 foot social distancing requirement established by the CDC. This distance is feasible out in the field regardless of activity (rappelling, climbing, hiking, cooking, etc.)
5.) Participants and staff will bring, and use as necessary, an N95 mask and gloves. While we don’t anticipate many situations where these might be needed, they will be part of our risk management system.

That being said, we are closely monitoring the situation and will continue to re-evaluate periodically as events related to COVID19 unfold. If you have any questions, please send me an email at tom@summitadventure.comPraying you and your family are safe and healthy!

Tom Smith
Executive Director

Regular Updates on Programs & Courses

March 18 - Spring Semester Program
Semester Program students who were in Ecuador have returned to the United States. The students will return home to their families within the next week and we will finish up the semester virtually.
April 14 - Yosemite National Park, Summer Courses
Yosemite National Park is not giving out commercial permits until, at the earliest June 1st.

The Leadership Training Expedition has been moved from May 20-31 to June 3-14th. 

May 1 Update
There is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding this summer and what things are going to look like with COVID-19 still being a big concern. We are working on plans specific to each of our courses to align with social distancing and proper hygiene guidelines laid out by the CDC. 
Both the National Park and Sierra National Forest are unable to tell us when they will be issuing permits, which makes planning difficult. All the camps in the area have closed/cancelled for the entire summer. What we do is very different from the camps, but even the other organization similar to Summit in the area has cancelled trips up until July.
The Leadership Training Expedition which was last re-scheduled for June 3-14th has been moved to June 28-July 9th. 
The Adventures in Fatherhood course will be run at the same dates, provided the stay-at-home order has been lifted by then.
June 5 Update
Yosemite National Park is opening this week with restrictions. Currently we are limited to 10 people per course instead of our normal cap of 15.