Summit Adventure Base Camp
Stay with us for a family vacation or for your next corporate meeting. Our property can comfortably accommodate 8-12 people, all year round. Shops and restaurants in the town of Bass Lake are within walking distance. Individuals can book through Airbnb. For corporate group rates, call us at 559-642-3899 or send us a message using the form at the bottom of this page.

Nearby Activities and Excursions

Either on your own, or led by Summit Adventure professional guides, there are amazing opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, including…

  • Day hiking in Yosemite Valley
  • Backpacking in Yosemite and Ansel Adams Wilderness
  • Swimming and boating at Bass Lake
  • Rock climbing
  • Cross country skiing
  • Snowshoeing

Corporate Training and Planning Retreats

Don’t have another corporate meeting at some miserable hotel. Add a beautiful setting to your next team or corporate function. Do some planning and get outdoors–either on your own or with Summit’s professional staff.

We offer a wide range of team-building and outdoor activities to break up the monotony of planning around a whiteboard. Your team will thank you for it and you’ll build a stronger team by getting out of your comfort zone together. For the times when you need to get serious about that strategic plan, we offer a complete set of planning amenities, including…

  • Wireless Internet access
  • Large flat screen TV
  • Large whiteboard
  • Large conference table
  • Butcher paper easels
  • Nintendo Switch and game library

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