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Patagonia Trekking & Service

Patagonia is truly one of the world’s last wild places. Its name alone conjures up images of towering craggy peaks, pristine blue lakes, and windswept ice fields. Yet this rugged land at the tip of South America is actually quite accessible for the modern adventurer.

Summit Adventure is inviting you to join us in wild Patagonia for a trip filled with adventure and opportunities to serve. Over the course of 10 days you’ll trek on and off the local trails through some of the most stunning scenery on the planet. You’ll observe alpine spires at eye level with soaring condors and attempt to summit Tronador, a glaciated volcano.

Before and after the trekking circuit you will have the opportunity to serve with an organization that reaches out to the many travelers who pass through the area and offers hospitality-based service. Sample the local drink of choice known as yerba maté while processing your experiences during guided times of reflection. The experience concludes with a celebratory meal of Argentina’s famous asado.

Course Elements

  • Multi-day backpacking
  • Glaciated peak ascent
  • Service opportunities in remote areas



Day 0

Depart US (+/- 24 hour flight to San Carlos Bariloche, Argentina)

Day 1

Arrival, recover, get your bearings, grocery shopping, stay at hostel

Day 2

Intro to Summit Adventure in Patagonia, backpacking, packing for the trekking portion of the trip

Day 3

Remote village/ranch visiting & serving, three days backpacking

Day 4

Remote village/ranch visiting & serving, three days backpacking

Day 5

Approach Tronador for a glaciated climb

Day 6

Summit attempt, return to San Carlos Bariloche, recover at hostel

Day 7

Service, asado celebration dinner (four-hour event – Argentinian culture)

Day 8

Depart San Carlos Bariloche, Argentina (+/- 24 hour flight to US)

Day 9

Arrive in the US


Patagonia Trek & Service Interest Form

For more information, give us a call at (559) 642-3899. If you need client references, we’d be happy to provide them.
It takes a minimum of 5 participants to run this course.
If you have less than 5 in your group and you are flexible, we can pair you up with others to meet the 5 person minumum.
Provide as many as possible.