Friday, August 7 2020

Open Enrollment Courses

For years we have been running courses for families and youth that provide invaluable backcountry experiences. Backpacking, climbing, rappelling and mountaineering are a few of the adventure components integrated into our courses. Take, for example, our Adventures in Fatherhood Course. This course provides an opportunity for Dads to have an adventure with their son or daughter, break routine, have some time away from the noise and business of life and create space to connect with each other.

Perhaps you might be interested in our Outdoor Leadership Training Course, for outdoor enthusiasts wanting to learn valuable backcountry skills, or try your hand in mountaineering on Mount Rainier. Check out our 2020 Classic Adventures schedule below!

Summit Adventures in Fatherhood Course father-son father-daughter trip

An opportunity for dads and their son or daughter to spend some quality time together connecting and building their relationship while sharing in an adventure. Rock climbing, backpacking, rappelling are just a few elements of this course.

High Sierra Outdoor Leadership Expedition

A 12-day expedition throughout the wilderness of the southern Yosemite region of the Sierra Nevada. Learn and practice skills in backcountry leadership and facilitation, navigation, outdoor living, rock climbing and rappelling.

Summit Adventure Mountaineering Expedition Mt. Rainier

Icy blue crevasses, wind-sculpted snow structures, and ancient flowing glaciers, this course will take you into the seldomly-traveled terrain of the highest point in the Pacific Northwest. Join us for a mountaineering expedition to attempt a summit of Mt. Rainier, the most spectacular stratovolcano in the Cascade Mountains.

Summit Adventure Youth Climbing Course Sunset in the Ansel Adams Wilderness

Learn the fundamentals of Rock Climbing–movement, technique, anchor building and more. Participants will also backpack into the Ansel Adams Wilderness and learn the basics of backcountry living: cooking, camping, map and compass and more!

Men's Backpacking Course with Summit Adventure

A 6-day adventure in the High Sierra with a group of like-minded men, designed to facilitate a process of Renewal. Renewal is the antidote to boredom, complacency, monotony, and uncertainty and is the crucial first step in preparing for change and the future. Be prepared to step outside of your comfort zone!