Adventures in Fatherhood Backpacking Course with Summit Adventure Dad and Son

Adventures in Fatherhood | June 27-June 30

In today’s busy world, it is easy for schedules and plans to interfere with a family’s values and priorities. Dads, when is the last time you set aside time for a father-daughter or father-son adventure? Our Adventures in Fatherhood course is designed to create a unique setting and experience for dads to connect with their kids. Dads, this is an opportunity for you and your son or daughter to break routine, step away from the noise and business of life, and focus on your relationship with God and each other. Wilderness experiences have a way of improving connection and creating a healthy foundation for relationships. Adventure components like backpacking and rock climbing woven into the course will push you outside of your comfort zone and further into connection. Here at Summit Adventure, we love to provide opportunities for these experiences. Our AIF course is one of the best father-son/father-daughter adventures out there. 

*If June 27 – June 30 does not work for you please contact tom@summitadventure.com and we will discuss opening up registration for a second option. 

Focus on Relationships

The Adventures in Fatherhood course has convened for over 30 years, changing the lives of generations of fathers, sons, and daughters. This experience provides the perfect framework for a father-son or father-daughter trip, combining adventure elements and times of rest, relaxation and connection. This course creates lasting memories through moments of both adventure and dialogue.

“This course has helped me realize the necessity of
creating adventure experiences for my sons and daughter.”
– Barry Weaver, Father Age 54

During your course, your Summit Adventure instructors will offer you and your child practical tools and strategies. One of our goals is to help bridge the generational gap that can occur between parents and their kids.

We will also focus on developing more open communication in your relationship.

Finally, Summit Adventure will create an open venue for you and your child to discuss everything from your favorite baseball teams to intimate details regarding faith and spirituality.

Adventures in Fatherhood is an incredible way for dads to connect with their 12 to 22-year-old daughter or son. Join us in the Ansel Adams Wilderness for a backpacking excursion through breathtaking mountain scenery with alpine lakes, granite cliffs, starlit skies, memorable moments with your child, and uninterrupted time in God’s presence.

Course Elements

  • Backpacking through breathtaking scenery
  • Swimming in crisp alpine lakes
  • Rappelling and rock climbing
  • Sleeping under the starlit sky
  • One-on-one interaction with your daughter or son
  • Uninterrupted time with God



Day 1: Arrive and Hike to Camp

At 10am on Thursday morning the father-son and father-daughter pairs will arrive in Bass Lake at the Summit base, where your instructors and other group members will meet you. The morning will entail checking gear and packing up for the days ahead. After a hearty lunch, you will drive to the trailhead where you will backpack to your first camp.

Day 2: Backpacking, Swimming & Climbing

Each day typically starts with a devotional time we call “Focus.” The first day in the wilderness may include hiking to an alpine lake and rock climbing. 

Day 3: Rappel & Duo time

This day will typically involve a rappel off an impressive granite dome, called the Prow. The second half of the day is duo time. An intentional time spent with just your son or daughter. For many pairs, this is the highlight of the trip.

Day 4: Return to Civilization

After your last Focus time and breakfast in the wilderness, your group will pack up and hike out. Finally, you will return to Bass Lake to de-issue gear and enjoy another lunch together before departing.


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