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Why Adults Should Be More Like Children

What do 3000, 15, 9, and 18 have to do with Patagonia? This is not really a math question as much as it is a statement of performance. These four numbers highlight my son Brayden’s recent trip to the land of Patagonia in Argentina. They will always remind me of the amazing grit he showed throughout our time there. In this blog, I aim to remind others of the surprising strength and resilience that young people astonish us with.


Summit Executive Director Tom Smith Publishes Debut Book!

In Hold Mine Hand, Tom takes readers deep into the lives of his family. Tom opens his personal journals and shares hundreds of his sons’ quotes to reveal what they consider most important: parents, family, God, grandparents and friends. Often funny and sometimes tragic, Hold Mine Hand applies fresh and unforgettable insights to everyday parenting and life.