Saturday, September 26 2020

Rock Climbing Courses for Local Youth

Why come to climbing camp? Why learn to rock climb? Because you want to spend some of your summer having an absolute BLAST, challenging yourself, learning new skills and making great friends! 

At Summit Adventure, we see climbing as an incomparable experience. We love it for the challenge–physical, mental and emotional. Climbing is a sport that pushes you outside your comfort zone, helps you conquer fear and trust others. Rock Climbing provides a tremendous sense of accomplishment as you learn and grow in the skill…and of course it’s super fun too! Whether you reach the top of a climb or not, it is an exhilarating feeling, using your toes and fingers, arms and legs, and mental fortitude to work your way up the rock face.

We love facilitating these experiences, which is why we are so excited for our Summer 2020 climbing experiences for local youth! These courses are designed specifically for local youth ages 13-17 in the Bass Lake, Oakhurst, Madera, Fresno areas. However, we welcome youth from any location! 

Summit Adventure Youth Rock Climbing Course

Learn the fundamentals of Rock Climbing–movement, technique, anchor building and more. Participants will also backpack into the Ansel Adams Wilderness and learn the basics of backcountry living: cooking, camping, map and compass and more!


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