Month: December 2018

Summit Adventure College Semester Abroad Program

Ecuador Mountaineering & Service | Date TBD

Combines high-altitude mountaineering and service projects in a rich cross-cultural setting. Immerses you in the rich beauty of Ecuadorian culture and the Andes. Ecuador is said to be the “Jewel of the Andes.”

Custom Courses

Patagonia Trekking & Service | Date TBD

Service and adventure in one of the world’s last wild places. Experience natural beauty like you’ve never seen as you trek by towering craggy peaks, pristine blue lakes, and windswept ice fields.

Open Enrollment Courses

The 2019 Whitney Classic – September 27-29, 2019

The Whitney Classic is an endurance bicycling fundraiser for Summit Adventure and a tradition that has spanned decades. The funds raised in this annual event further the ministry of Summit Adventure. Over half of Summit Adventure’s annual budget is raised through donations.