The Holy Land Trekking and Service | Date TBD

This course combines service and trekking through The Holy Land and Palestine. You will spend time in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth and then have the opportunity to trek for four days from Nazareth to the Mount of the Beatitudes along the Jesus Trail­­­™. The Jesus Trail™ is a moderate trail on which you will carry only a daypack as your gear is transferred to each night’s accommodations.

COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates Currently, we are still planning on running courses this summer! If any program can practice social distancing, proper hygiene, and safe, effective risk


Soldiers or Friends?

Sebastian Junger wrote a very compelling book called “War.” It chronicles the combat experiences of an American platoon in Afghanistan. The trust, camaraderie, service and sacrifice these men showed one another was so powerful and extraordinary that the platoon leader extended his combat tour for a second year despite the daily horrors of his first year. When Junger asked him how he could possibly return for more war, the young soldier said that he would not find powerful brotherhood like what he experienced in Afghanistan anywhere else.


What I Learned About Love, Death, and Fatherhood on Sawtooth Peak

Courtney took a step and immediately went into a slide. Time went into slow motion. My left hand still had a strong purchase on the rock and my right hand gripped the trekking pole that she was hanging on to. As her full weight started to load the system, she swung underneath me. The inertia was far greater than I was expecting and I felt the sharp pinch of fear throughout my body. I felt my hand slipping off the hold I had on the rock. I couldn’t let her go. Then I lost my grip on the rock and we started to slide. It was over. I knew in a matter of seconds we would be airborne, free falling 800+ feet to our deaths…


A Mountain of Disappointment

There is a bottomless list of reasons to turn around on any climbing expedition, let alone a mountain as big as Volcan Cayambe.  Set high in the Andes mountains just outside of Quito, Ecuador, Cayambe is a common mountaineering objective for our College Semester Program and other courses with a mountaineering focus.  During my semester as a student in the Spring of 2016, attempting to summit Cayambe felt like a culmination of our hard work throughout the semester.  There was a good chance that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for us students, and we were willing to give our full effort to this mountain.  But we never got the chance.